Youter W88 reality IOS download installation guide Club


Youter club is launching iPhone W88 real apple IOS version, easy download speed game, play the fruit machine. Xiaobian easy to download and install with you, immediately.

Step 1: scan two-dimensional code to download the download, or choose youter club in the download area scan download.


Step 2: you need to enter [settings] select [general] select [device management], click on "XingLong County Environmental Protection Co., Ltd" => trust this application, you can complete.%e4%bf%a1%e4%bb%bb%e6%ad%a4%e8%ae%be%e5%a4%87

Step 3: you have successfully downloaded and installed, immediately log on easy game!


For more details, please consult 7\/24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you.