NBA tournament – Warriors VS Knight

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January 19, 2016 09:00Warrior VS KnightThe two sides are expected to start:Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, Green, curry, boggarts;Knight:Irwin, Smith, Lebron, Loew, Mozgov.

Youter western sports chupan: Knight 3 points.  

Knight (28 - 10) and Warriors (37 - 4) are currently leading the west, they are hot this season championship, the 19 day they will meet in cleveland. The knight put this game as a declaration of war, Lebron, Loew and Irwin to lead the team to revenge, they want to prove himself with a victory. The warriors had just suffered a defeat, Thompson curry, and Green to lead the team to win the season to rebound, warriors against cleveland.

The Warriors team this season, the first season with 24 straight, then a war also successfully defeated stride forward singing militant songs, Christmas cleveland. But in recent days, some of the state of the decline of the warriors, the last 95-113 lost to the pistons, the last 3 games lost 2 games. In the first 3 games of the season, the warriors are missing at least one of the main players, but when they lost to the pistons, but they are the main force, but their attack is still a big problem. This is the fourth time this season, the warriors scored less than 100 points in the season, only the lowest season of the shooting rate of 36.2%, the team's second aid, which is the first time this season, they are less than 20 assists.

9 battle Knight win in nearly 10 battle, the team state is quite good, the rider with 28 wins and 10 negative results ranked highest in the Eastern League, the team home court achievement is reached 15 wins and 1 losses, the home court battle there is no doubt that with the recent return all the wounded, knight has reached unprecedented lineup neat, especially backcourt is gathered Erwin, Smith, JR- and Delaweiduowa shampoo principal players, the Knights have sufficient strength to deal with the warriors backcourt attack spear, and Carrefour's personal status has picked up the campaign to face enemies, Knight will fight every effort to fight his opponent.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 3 points for the win.