[W88] Italy eudem 2015-2016 Football League thirty-fifth round race


Beijing time on Sunday, April 24th (02:45), is about to usher in the thirty-fifth round of the 2015-2016 Italy football league matches, the following Xiaobian will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 02:45 International Milan Udine J
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 18:30 Flohr Siino Hei Palermo
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 21:00 Atlanta Verona
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 21:00 Bologna Genoa
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 21:00 Sampdoria Lazio
2016\/4\/24 (Sunday) 21:00 Turin Sassuolo
2016\/4\/25 (Monday) 02:45 Florence Juventus
2016\/4\/25 (Monday) 21:00 Rome Naples
2016\/4\/25 (Monday) 23:00 Verona AC Milan
2016\/4\/26 (Tuesday) 01:00 Carle leather Empoli

 International MilanVSUdine J

北京time24日凌晨2时45分,意甲第35轮一场焦点战,International Milan主场对阵Udine J队。

Aspect of competition

Lock in europe:国米在意甲只剩4轮的前提下落后第三名7分,争夺下赛季欧冠资格的希望几近破灭。但争夺欧联杯参赛资格,却已经快要“落袋为安”了。目前国米61分排名意甲第4,只要国米确保赛季末排名前五之列,就能肯定获得一个欧战席位。目前国米领先第六名AC Milan8分,如果本轮国米取胜,米兰丢分,则有望本轮过后,国米就锁定下赛季欧战席位,也提前完成托希尔定下的“保五争三”的赛季目标中的底限目标。


Iron waist absent:The absence of the Inter Milan midfielder Medel suspended for the number one main, inter may Bianzhen, may also make long war star Niwukuli get the opportunity to play.

Stars turn on the transfer storm:The same in the past 48 hours, about I Karl Di, Perisic, Blo R Vecchi, inter transfer a lot of rumors, some rumors have been very specific, such as Chelsea (data) offer 23 million euros for Perisic and so on. Inter basically missed the Champions League next season, it is possible to sell players to balance the financial. For the players themselves, since the results of the season basically finalized, but also want to open negotiations as soon as possible, in particular, there are European Cup players, I hope in the competition before the start of the finalized future. So the recent transfer story must be a lot of players, brokers, inter official statement, worthy of attention.

Youter W88 reminder: the western sports event recommended inter 0.5-1 win.