NBA tournament – Sir VS


In January 8, 2016 09:00 expects the first two rockets: Beverly, Ariza, Cappella, Howard, James and Hu De; sir Hayward, Lies Neto, and Whitney

Youter western sports: 8.5 points for the Rockets ".

The 5 day visit to Salt Lake City, the Rockets finally rebound them to a 93-91 win over the jazz, they ended the 4 game losing streak. In 5 against the jazz, the Rockets successfully rebounded to win, the promotion of defense is a key to their win. Back to the home court battles the jazz, the Rockets to stay on the defensive, they should strive to win.

The Rockets had experienced a wave of regular season four game losing streak, but they did not continue to sink, the battle with the injury riddled jazz, with harden and Divett Hou live good play, the team away win over rivals stopped around, which boosted the morale of the players in a certain extent. In fact, Divett harden and Howard play as long as normal, no doubt the ability of the combined battle together with 46 points, 18 rebounds and 8 assists, the Rockets are the west bank top eight position is not so strong, so the two chiefs team will continue to stand up for better qualifying for the team, so they are certainly high spirits. In addition, in recent years, the Rockets play jazz has home court experience, nearly 3 times in the face of all the harvest home court Sir win, players psychological aspects obviously dominant, this battle is certainly optimistic about the Rockets to the next city home court.

Jazz has a downward trend, after the defeat to the Spurs, they suffered a two straight game, the player is currently worried about the state. It is worth noting that the recent attack on the jazz is quite weak, nearly 6 of them in the regular season only a total of 1 Games scored 100 percent, which obviously can not be a threat to the opponent. The more serious problem is that the current Jazz battling method Adams, A. Burgess, R. Wo Ai Sujun Gobert and Dandy are injured, they will not be able to fight this battle, it definitely makes war Quebingshaoqiang jazz overshadowed. In addition, the need to mention that, sir recently have been at six straight blow, the team is not a fighting force at all, they are nearly 6 times against the Rockets lost 5 field strength than the opponent.

Recommend the Rockets to 8.5 points wins.