Slot machine play


Slot machine has been a fan of the game, enduring. Gently turn, let you have the biggest profit opportunities. Youter W88 existing five slot machine club, every time you can see at the bottom of the official website of the winner, right, for your detailed interpretation of a slot machine game, to help you become a big winner.

You log on to the site, the mouse floating in[slot machine]As shown below, you can see the seven slot machine club.


Click on [the game] for the web version of the game; click [Download] to download the computer client.

After entering the club, the mouse floating slot machine game pattern, you can choose the game immediately, immediately play ", namely" real money "and" demo mode".

Slot machine play:

The following figureAndy Club (PT)Strange monkey game, a classic slot machine game, the screen is consistent with the real slot machine.

As shown in the bottom left, you can choose [line] that is the bet of each line.

[one] charge a line;

[charge] all bets are betting line;

The number of lines and the number of lines, that is, your total bet;

[win] the money you win;

[payment table]: winning pattern, from left to right, from one to three of the odds;

[computing]: you get paid to lose. You win according to claim payment.The same pattern from left to right.

Formula: Line note*Odds =赢利.Note: "*" this symbol is multiplied by


The following figureGold Pool Club (GPI)3D吃角子老虎机,玩法更多样.



Betting line: Line note, the amount of each line bet;

Full line bet]: slot machine all betting line full charge;

[start]: confirm betting, start spinning;

Automatic start: mouse floating, you can choose the number of rotations, click the automatic rotation;


[computing]: you get paid to lose. You win according to claim payment.赔付详情及游戏玩法点击【游戏说明】查询.





Free rotation: after the transfer of the free rotation of the design requirements, can get the corresponding number of free rotation老虎机玩法介绍





Slot machine offers:

Slot machine weekly water return up to 0.8%, at the club immediately back to the water, you can apply to the account at any time

Slot machine aid, instant application without waiting, as high as 2777 yuan, I wish you a helping hand tiger