Spain – Spanish VS Royal Society

赛事推荐303:30 February 9, 2016 La Liga in the early hours of Tuesday morning staged a one-man show, and Royal suzetta Espanyol will be staged in the former home court fight. Espanyol situation quite bad, and the Royal Suzetta recent visit to perform also nanjinrenyi, both sides fight today and the opportunity to meet a very boring.

Youter western sports: Spanish -0 ball chupan.

The Spanish season play disappointing, the team is currently 6 wins 4 flat 12 negative results ranked fifteenth in the league. The Spaniard nearly 8 games defeat across the board, the team morale is very low. The last round away to Real Madrid, the team has no strength to fight back, the first half of 0 to 4 behind to disarm. The two teams at the beginning of the season had a confrontation, the Spaniards away 3 to 2 victory over the Royal Society turn from a guest into a host. Arbila, Sanchez, Kaisaiduoyin injury missed this round of the tournament.

The Royal Society this season also performance is poor, the team currently only accumulates 24 points ranked thirteenth in the league. The Royal Society on a 2 to 1 over the Royal Bettis, haze away than 1 5 defeat gijn sweep for the previous round. But at the Royal Society is experiencing a mediocre team 7 consecutive away very awkward movements. The Royal Society of nearly 3 Liga away, both the total number of goals averaging more than 2.5 goals. The team wounded more Navas, Axileiqie, canales and Martinez were injured to battle the enemy.

Recommended Spanish tie plate wins.