Premier League events – Arsenal VS Manchester City

英超赛事推荐-阿森纳 VS 曼城

In December 22, 2015 04:00Arsenal VS ManchesterManchester City in recent decades in the state of losers in this game against Arsenal, they can follow up a victory with hot pursuit? A match worth watching, looking forward to tomorrow morning saikuang!

The game youter western sports: let 0.5 ball chupan arsenal.

One thing in the past 40 years has been plagued by Manchester City, it is away from arsenal. This weekend, Pellegrini's team will go to London to challenge the Gunners, this game is also related to the title of the situation. Turn the clock back to October 1975, when Rodney Marsh's header to help Manchester City at Highbury with a 3-2 win over arsenal. How special is the game? Since then, the city 30 times in 40 years at Arsenal in the league only won 1 games, 19 empty handed.

Arsenal fight away 2 balls to win the vice monitor Vera, the team's recent 3 game winning streak is better, but the Champions League away 3 0 Lectra Olympia Coase reached the Champions League top 16 gunners, recently described as unassailable invincible, and Arsenal this season home court defensive ability outstanding, defense 7 League home court only lost 1 the ball is watertight, the battle against giants Manchester City, Arsenal home court advantage still prevailed.

Manchester City on the spot before the battle with Yaya Toure lore was thrilling victory over Swansea, nearly 5 games for Manchester City win foot 4 games, but the recent Manchester City play bad, nearly 5 away games only 1 wins in 4 games, 1 goals were scored for their attacking the city fire force has become. Urgent problems.
The city of Leicester 3-2 away victory over Everton, and a game of blue fox standings has leading Arsenal 5 points, 6 points ahead of manchester. The Arsenal city will also compete for the second place in the standings to see who can bite the lead. Because the integral Arsenal and Manchester City is very tight, if Arsenal win this game, will be able to continue in the standings behind Manchester City after the blue fox, if Arsenal lost words, Manchester City will overtake Arsenal 2 points among the second, with the top and Arsenal will widen the gap to 5 points. Both teams said they would be worth 6 points before the game.