NBA tournament recommended – Warriors VS Spurs

NBA赛事推荐-勇士 VS 马刺-优德W88官网

January 26, 2016Warriors VS Spurs11:30 both sides are expected to start:Spurs:Parke, Green, Leonard, Aldridge, and West;Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, Green, curry, boggarts.

Youter western sports: 4.5 points for the warriors ".

The focus of the war, the defending champion warriors sits against the Oracle arena LaoLa spurs, the game has been long-awaited, now warriors had beaten enemy knight two, can be said to be equal to anything, but then face the Spurs is the real big test. This is the two teams this season regular season game for the first time, the Spurs in recent seasons against the warriors wins more negative, team performance advantage very obviously, the strength of the Spurs will bring great impact to the warriors home court.

The warriors scored 3 game winning streak, and the field is the victory, the opponent wins the knights, bulls and Pacers are Eastern enemies, good team of the past as can be imagined, this wave of warriors winning scores were 120 points or more, the firepower is self-evident, battle against the Pacers, curry scored 39 points 10 large three rebounds and 12 assists in the two data, de Raymond - Green had 22 points and 11 rebounds, flowering warriors offensive performance, with smooth extremely offensive team, the game against the sophistication of the Spurs are the most powerful test of the warrior fighting force.

The Spurs scored 13 game winning streak, the team is also very influential, and the warriors compared to the Spurs recently played a relatively conservative, the team frequently use holiday tactics, so the main team veteran can be more fully nursed back to health, and the team in the game is not affected, the Spurs still have enough personnel to taxi wheel rotation this team is currently from the war, to attack guard can maintain strong team consciousness, the ability to control the team for the game of non general team can match, the Spurs still can maintain the combat mode to kill warriors will fitness, strive to force the team to win.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 4.5 points wins the Spurs recommended.