NBA tournament recommendation – Warriors VS Blazers

NBA赛事推荐1The May 4, 2016 10:30 is expected to debut: Warriors: Bogut, Green, Harrison de Raymond - Barnes, Thompson, Livingston; pioneer: Mason Plumlee, Hakelisi, Amie, Mike, Lillard Salem CJ- slave

Youter western sports: Warriors -10 ".

The gap between the two teams, although the Blazers beat the Clippers in the second round, but the team has not been good, especially in the elimination of the defending champion, seems to have been destined to end. Despite the lack of warriors curry, but other position staff attack is still tough, more important is the warriors defense still maintain high strength. Compared to the Blazers Lillard struggling to support a rely on, warriors more flowering more campaign is impossible to guard against, home court battle, I'm afraid the lack of suspense.

The warriors battle still failed to usher in the "scoring" curry back injury, but the team on the field strength is still expensive, the first day has hit 37 warriors overwhelming rhythm than the 17, general Thompson feel good scored 37 points, Raymond - Green scoring 23 points and 13 rebounds and 11 assists the large 3 pairs of data, Harrison and Barnes Bogut this two people also have two pairs of Houston team are attacking opponents, the ultimate warrior win easily, the library will still be a truce. If we can continue to maintain such a brave battle situation, the team will then destroy the opponent's organic.

The blazers on the losing battle, the morale of the team suffered a serious setback, the battle on the Blazers headed Lillard scored 30 points, but the whole team offensive efficiency is not high, inside and outside the team line are not shooting star, the team started slow, throughout the game the Blazers could not exceed opponent in the score, the Blazers in front of all the warriors unable to start the break, the poor offense under the condition of not able to be seen in the defensive end in itself, eventually were unhappy Portland and losing it in reason, the guest battles rival, the Blazers have to better play on both ends of the court have a hope.

Recommend the Pathfinder 10 wins.