UnionPay online mobile payment


UnionPay online deposit is now providing mobile payment function! UnionPay card SMS verification, you can immediately complete the payment, seconds seconds to save! You can also use the UnionPay card direct payment, convenient deposit, fun games, mobile phone online payment is so simple!

One method:

First of all, you need to open the mobile phone address: http:\/\/m.w88club.com, login to your W88 account youter. Then click[capital management]Choice[deposit]. As follows:存款方式0527

Access to capital management[deposit]页面,如下图Choice[Online Payment]方式Choice您的[payment bank]input[deposit amount]Please, pleaseConfirmed no error after Click[confirm submitting deposit].单笔存款限额20-50000元.

如下图,系统为您跳转至银联手机支付页面,input您的Savings deposit cardCard number, click[next].



如下图,input您银行的[ATM password] - [bank reserved phone number] [document type] - [document number], click[get verification code].input您短信接收的验证码, clickOpen and pay完成支付.

温馨提示:如果您没有预留手机号或是已经预留的手机号无法使用Please, please到银行营业网点柜台添加或修改.


After successful payment, the system will prompt[payment success]字样. As follows:


To see if there is no account, right? Return to[capital management]页面Choice[history], click[deposit \/ withdrawal]Choice[query time and status], click[submit].

Congratulations on your success!!!果然是秒存款秒到啊.手机银联在线支付有没有很快捷方便呢?


 Method two:

Access to capital management[deposit]页面Choice[Online Payment]方式, click[other modes of Payment].input您的[user name]and[Login password, click[登录付款】.如果您没有此支付方式的用户名and登录密码,您可以点击页面右下角的[立即注册】.


如果您在操作过程中遇到任何疑问Please, please及时联系我们24小时在线客服,我们将竭诚为您服务!