The championship tournament – wolves VS Liz recommended

英冠赛事推荐-狼队 VS 利兹联

December 18, 2015 03:45,The two sides forecast starting:Wolves: Yikemei, Gore buerni, Randall, bass, Austria, Preiss, Macdonald, Graham, Edwards, Henry, Liz, Afobi; contact: Berardi, Cooper Silvestri, he, Taylor, and Cook, Adeyemi, Mowat, Wood, Dallas, byram. Who will see the outcome!

Youter western sports: Wolves chupan hemisphere.

Beijing time on December 18th at 3:45 in the morning, England Football League Championship twenty-first round of wolves will face Liz United at home court. Wolves in the recent slump, the team nearly 10 round just to win 2, currently ranked fourteenth in the standings. Liz's recent improvement team unbeaten 2 ranked eighteenth in the standings after. The two teams clash 2 times last season, the wolves League beat opponents.

Wolves after well start the initial state began again, especially in the home court winning percentage is very low, it also allows them to upgrade the distance more and more far, if no improvement is to return to the Premier League only Arabian Nights. The first team to win the home court dates back to the 3 to 0 victory over the Huddersfield match, but in the home court after they only scored two goals, for such cases the main striker Avby will have to bear a great responsibility, the last 9 games he only scored 1 goals, so the performance will drag on the team results. Even so, the first shooter Avby or the team, other attacking players show more bad. The team wants to improve the offense within a short period of time is not realistic, winning also requires a lot of effort, will also face pressure in their home court more, after all, in the championship game in the general will be steady.

MS Liz recently as the performance of white boiling water as people not to mention the spirit, attack the urgent need to improve, but relatively speaking, the team's defense is very good, only 6 games lost 3 balls, the recent defensive performance. The team has a deep brand of Italy football, but there are a number of Italy players in the squad, in this case the team defense is very solid and very good understanding. Away from home is the place they are proud of, the last 5 games lost only one game, and they also won the game on the road to victory in the three. The problem of midfielder Bianchi and defender Bamba will soon be restored, two players coming along is a good news for the team.

Recommended to let the hemisphere win wolves