[W88] 2015-2016 England eudem Football Super League thirty-eighth round race


northBeijing time on May 15th (Sunday) 22:00, is about to usher in the thirty-eighth round of the 2015-2016 England football super league tournament, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 A Senna Aston Villa
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Chelsea Leicester
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Everton Norwich
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Manchester Bournemouth
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Newcastle Tottenham
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Southampton Crystal Palace
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Storck City West Ham
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Swansea Manchester
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 Waterford Sang Delan
2016\/5\/15 (Sunday) 22:00 West Brom Liverpool

A SennaVS维拉


Team [data]

The Gunners scored 1.5 goals at home this season, the lowest since the 9495 season in the Premier League since the 1.3.

Vera in the past 11 games in the face of gunmen scored only 1 wins, 1 draws and 9 negative results.

Vera scored 14 goals in the last 4 games against the Gunners and scored no more than 1 goals.

Vera lost a total of 81 goals in the face of the Gunners, only to face Manchester United (87) and Liverpool (82) conceded more.

Gigi has scored 5 goals against Vera in the past.

Vera has scored just 7 goals in the last 14 Premier League games.


Meet for the first time this season, Arsenal won 2-0, Giroux scored a penalty, Ramsay score.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to let the hemisphere a ball wins arsenal.