[W88] VS Barcelona eudem Atletico Madrid match report


Beijing time on September 13th at 02:30 a.m. (local time on the evening of 12 20:30), the Spanish third round match, Atletico Madrid home court against Barcelona.

Injury list

Atletico Madrid

Unknown: Tiago (midfielder)

•  蒂亚戈是Atletico Madrid目前唯一的伤停困扰,倘若有需要的话,尼格斯做好了首发的准备。

- Martinez is expected to replace Torres to bear the heavy offensive, but still very trust sheets legion of Torres.

- this game, Kirk and Oliver should be guarding the flank.


Injury: Douglas (right back \/ midfielder), Alves (defender), and (goalkeeper) of the team (in the case of the right back) (see article), Bravo

Ban: Peake (back)

Unknown: Roberto (midfielder)

- Bravo could miss the team for several weeks, which means that the task teershite will bear the goalkeeper. So far this season, Bravo has played 3 official games for Barcelona and the red and blue team lost only 1 goals. His injury is a heavy blow to barcelona.

- because Peake is still in a suspended period, so Vermaelen is expected to continue to play a central role in defence.

- Roberto have minor health problems, but he may be adjusted again to right back to the starting position.

Event Preview

Atletico Madrid(暂列第3位,积6分):

The first two rounds of La Liga Atletico, consecutive victory over Russ Palma, and Seville, the perfect start, their goal is to strive for further improvement in the league.

Atletico Madrid defender Felipe believes it's a "good, tough, strong game" and he says he is confident that he will continue to win the first two games.


In the win over the Bilbao athletics and Malaga, Barcelona to beat more powerful opponents, in order to prove his dominance.

Bravo absent because of injury, the Germans teershite is likely to become the game's starting goalkeeper, so he will represent Basa making his debut in the league.


Atletico Madrid

•  Atletico Madrid近38场西甲主场,其中36场均保持不败。

•  Atletico Madrid近8场西甲,其中6场均保持零失球纪录。

•  Atletico Madrid近10场对阵巴萨的各项赛事,其中8场,双方总进球数场均少于2.5球。

•  Atletico Madrid近7场西甲主场,其中6场,双方总进球数场均少于2.5球。


•  Barcelona近11场西甲客场,其中10场均取得胜利。

•  Barcelona近9场西甲,其中8场均保持零失球纪录。

•  Barcelona近4场对阵马竞的各项赛事均取得胜利。