NBA tournament recommendation – Warrior VS King

NBA赛事推荐-King VS-优德W88官网

In January 10, 2016 11:00King VSThe two sides are expected starting:Warrior:Curry, Thompson, rush, Green, boggarts;King:Rondo, Mike Lermo, Gaye, and, by the way of the test, by the test, by the test of the test, and by the test, and by the examination of.

Youter western sports: 6.5 points for the warriors ".

Sunday morning at NBA District Saixi conventional high scoring game last season, MVP Stephen - Curitiba, led by the defending champion Jinzhou warriors to challenge the king of Sacramento. The two teams this season regular season fourth games this season, the warriors had won 3 of the king, even at the back, the strength of the warrior is also expected to achieve better than others on the king's regular season sweep.

The king in nearly 4 Battle 3 wins and 1 negative results, the team performance is good, but if from the nearly two battle performance, the king's condition is not stable enough, before the team lost to the battle at canzhen Dallas, and the battle against the Lakers, the king was leading up to 27 points in the case is still almost reversed thus, the ability to control the team for the game is still lacking, but at present Cousins, Rondo and Gaye these owners are in good shape, the strength to face the Warriors is to test the king several core ability.

The warriors battle on the road with 20 points advantage beat blazers, the team scored 5 game winning streak, the team is very good, the battle warriors played super offensive performance, Curitiba easily scored 26 points and 9 assists, Clyde Thompson continue the good feel scored 36 points and 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Delemont de Green it successfully won 3 pairs, which is the fourth in the last 5 games of the 3 double current gains, the 3 giant warriors really hot state, the average strength of the game in the face of the king, the warriors can continue to maintain such a level, the team away a great hope.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 6.5 points wins the warrior.