The Spanish King’s Cup – Bilbao athletics VS Barcelona

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In January 21, 2016 04:00The Bilbao athletics VS BarcelonaThe two sides are expected to start:Bilbao athletics:He, Marcos, Lei Lin, Laporte Barron, Aitken yita, Ido Lars, Jose and Zia Pei, Williams, Bennett, Sousa, Etta Aduriz;Barcelona:Teershite, Vidal, Mascherano, Peake, Adriano, Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, Neymar, Alda, Munir turan.

Youter western sports: Barcelona chupan let 0.5 ball.
The two teams this season has played 4 times in August last year, the West Super Cup, Barcelona 0-4 lost the first leg away, second leg 1-1 draw with Basque lion, the two round 1-5 lost lost the crown. While the League two leg against Barcelona 1-0 first leg victory, just last weekend against the end of the red and blue army swept 6-0 10 Bilbao athletics.

Just the end of the League was Barcelona six ball humiliation at the athletic club Nokamp, this is the history of recent years, the most painful loss. Then the king's Cup athletic face Barcelona again in the quarter finals, which gave Baird Barr and his team a chance for revenge. The first round of the battle of San Mames is very important to the people of Basque, this is the key to determine whether they will be able to move on. At the beginning of the season that 4-0 is now back in the visible before the eyes, front line striker Aduriz, decided to use the home court advantage Sike Barcelona B.

Barcelona naturally think that the league ball victory over Bilbao did not reach the purpose of revenge, so the last round of home court they have played a match in the 6-0, but also deeply revenge against athletic self-confidence. The king's Cup teams duel, Barcelona so psychologically occupy the advantage, but the first leg of the game Enrique's team need to be careful, after all, John Messi and Suarez let Barcelona offensive firepower dropped, more responsibility on the Neymar one person.

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