[W88] 2015-2016 youter French Football League twenty-first round race


Beijing time on Saturday, January 16th (03:30), is about to usher in the twenty-first round of the French Football League 2015-2016 game, the following Xiaobian will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 03:30 Nice Angers
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 00:00 Toulouse Paris Saint Germain
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 03:00 Bastia Montpelier
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 03:00 Bordeaux Lille
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 03:00 Ajaccio Lance
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 03:00 Guingamp Nantes
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 03:00 Troyes Wren
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 21:00 Lorient Monaco
2016\/1\/18 (Monday) 00:00 Caen Marseille
2016\/1\/18 (Monday) 04:00 Saint Etienne Leon


Nice近况:The game if only from the two warring sides of the head, is likely to be a relegation battle, but the actual situation is now the French Championship between the second and fourth in the direct dialogue, horse two teams are regarded as the season the match A new force suddenly rises., very aspect.

The status quo of angers:昂热现在位列积分榜的第二位,他们只需要仰视Paris Saint Germain其余球队均排在他们身后,球队这样的成绩真是让人刮目相看,毕竟他们只是升班马,最近球队也喊出了要进入下赛季欧战的口号。

Fight record:双方历史上共有4次交手,Nice取得了1胜2平1负的成绩,与昂热打成了平手,本赛季首回合交手,昂热在主场与Nice打成了1-1的平局。


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