Italy Cup – Juventus VS international Milan

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In January 28, 2016 03:45Juventus VS international MilanThe two sides are expected to start:Juventus:Caceres, Bonui, Neto, Claude Lado, Sturua Lo, Chiellini, Marchisio, Bo Geba, Alex Sandro, morata, Baala;International Milan:Handanovic, Thornton, Miranda, Juan, Dan Brosio, Melo, Blo R Vecchi, Shakespeare hole, Leah Vidic, Palacio, jojic.

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2015-2016 Italy Cup semi-final will usher in a focus battle, defending champion Juventus home challenge international Milan. Juventus winning in the last 11 rounds of the league, morale, and Inter have lost the serie a top position, Mancini is eager to beat in the end of the decline of the team zebra.

On Pogba's Dibala assists and goals, Juventus home court 1-0 victory over Rome, in the early days of Pirlo and Tevez leave the main achievement, Juve fluctuations, with his squad of running, and establish the core position of Pogba and Dibala, Juve performance is also steadily. Juve in all competitions nearly 8 matches, nearly 3 matches scoring 6 goals without reply, lost only 1 goals in 5 games. Juve domestic matches nearly 14 double wins, the last time at home or lost to Sassolo in October 29, 2015. Juventus home court nearly 13 war unbeaten, nearly 8 matches, nearly 3 home court victory, scoring 8 goals without reply, nearly 6 home court is only Florence scored 1 goals.

Inter League home court drew 1-1 with newly promoted MARKAL skin, back to the league in fourth place, 6 points behind with the top team. The inter event nearly 3 games unbeaten, lost the last time is January 10th to Sassolo. In addition, inter in 4 road games unbeaten, made 3 wins 1 flat scores, last lost or lost to Naples in December 1st. Inter this season's offensive ability has been criticized, but the league is still maintained at least conceded record, inter Italy Cup round is a 2-0 win over Naples to qualify for the team defensive tactics into full play. I Karl Di scored 8 goals this season, but nearly failed to break the war, after the opportunity to miss the skin of Carle was criticized by the president of the United States of America, the United States and the United States in the past 3 games. However, icardi nearly 6 times and scored 6 goals against Juventus, Juventus called nemesis, who can once again break Juve goal worthy of attention.

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