NBA games recommended daily piston VS clippers

NBA赛事每日推荐-活塞 VS 快船-优德W88官网In December 15th 08:30The VS clippersThe two sides are expected to start:Piston:Drummond, Reggie Jackson, Marcus Maurice, ilyasova, pop.Clippers:Griffin, Paul, Jordan, Reddick, small moute. On December 15th at 8:30 in the morning, the Clippers will go away to Detroit, which will also be their trip last stop. The winner, please look forward to!

This game recommended the Clippers make 1.5 points.

The two sides of the competition so far this season's performance, the piston 14 wins and 11 losses, but the clippers is 14 wins and 10 losses. This game there is a surprise, Pearce hit 26000 points mark, now he has got 25996 points, only 4 points will become the history of the NBA sixteenth breakthrough mark 26000 players, is following the Kobe, Nowitzki, Duncan and Garnett, fifth active players do this.

The piston can be regarded as one of the dark horse of the season, has maintained a good state in the near future, winning 5 games in the last 7 games, winning the game in each score are broken hundred, strength is evident. The current rate steady at more than 50%, ranked eighth in eastern, especially with the combat team in the home court, called "the team killer" is not an exaggeration. A game against the Pacers, piston firepower, hit 13 three pointers, the team a total of 6 people have scored in double.

The Clippers here is the last battle 5 consecutive road trip, the first 4 games 3 wins and 1 losses, a loss suffered only in the face of the bulls, the state is getting warmer. The face in the home court due to the piston with a combat team, the Clippers are not popular behoove, but the Clippers fighting away from home can not be underestimated, the Clippers 4 games scoring 100 game played in the past 5 games, as long as the Clippers still have high hit rate, security.