NBA event recommended – Spurs VS rockets

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In January 3, 2016 09:00Spurs VS rocketDouble hair is expected to start:Rocket:Howard, Cappella, Ariza, Beverly, james.Spurs:Duncan, Aldridge, Leonard, Danny - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.

Youter western sports: 11 points for the Spurs ".

Sunday morning 9:30, NBA conventional Saixi district a focus of the war, all star guard James Harden led the Rockets away to Sanantonio with traditional giants once again launched the Spurs Dezhou derby. The two teams this season regular season second games this season, the Spurs had given away the Rockets lost, meet again, the best is the Spurs with a victory over a shameful.

Foot 10 Spurs win in 11 games, the team this season has extremely excellent condition, the Spurs home court achieved 19 wins, and the margin of victory field can be as many as 16.4 points, the home court powerful combat capability, battle against the sun, the Spurs in the absence of Duncan still won the match 33 points, the team in the play still used multiple sets of squad rotation mode, the team from the attack to keep can maintain a strong team, the campaign against the strength as well as the Rockets, Spurs win home court should be no big difficulty.

The Rockets recent losing streak to 3 games, the team state is worrying, in the battle against the lack of hard core and back-to-back home court warriors, the Rockets still didn't get an opportunity to win, the team performance is acceptable, Howard and James with personal data beautiful presentation, the Rockets also played very fast and smooth, but the team defense lax old habits do not change, the team is shooting opponents cast into more than 5, the Rockets finally pay the cost of losing the game, the Spurs challenge state very influential, the fear will be defeated by rocket contusion.

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