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Slot machine game for a long time, increasingly popular, with the continuous research and development innovation, play increasingly diverse. Youter W88 independent brand GPI developed 3D slot machines, excellent game quality, high explosive award, high-definition three-dimensional allows you to think, to bring you extraordinary visual experience. Small as you put together a six slot machine club, the recent hot three games, immediately log on the official website of experience.

TOP1:Golden pool Golf Tour (GPI)


Golf tour is a five axis five slot machine game. Simple and easy to play, to enjoy the luxury high-end golf theme. Unique ways to win the game. With innovative gameplay, Indiana pattern, all-match pattern, enhance the entertainment game.

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TOP2:A gold club - Candy star (BS)


How to play:

Each rotation will be carried out in a series of new 5X5 candies. Touching any combination of 3 or more candies in the horizontal or vertical direction will result in a matching combination. Higher than 4 and a combination of the candy matching colors of the 5 will cause the creation of special candies. Each time the candy is combined, the candy will pop up to make the candy on top of them to "connect in series."". An extra victory will be recorded, knowing that no more matches a mild combination can be recorded so far.

Special candy:Special candies may occur during the game. These special candies can be created in combination (in the case of a super color and color bomb), or they may appear only in tandem with other candies. When a super color or color bomb combines with other matching colors, the resulting features are immediate. For all other special candies, all chains will be solved with special features before they occur. The expenditure of a special candy (except the color bomb and super color) is the sum of all the symbols that are destroyed in the function.

Pass:You will win points when you reach a higher level in the game. Each time you meet the right side of the game meter, you will reach a higher level. Some levels will unlock the lock of a new specialty candy that was not previously available. See details of special candies in which each level becomes available candy. Currently there are 5 worlds, a total of 30 levels of the game. Please try to get the highest score!

Bonus pattern:On the left side of the game, you will see a circle with bonus patterns. In order to earn bonus mode, you have to win the prize in the bonus pattern to express the explosion of candy. The ability to clear bonus mode adds an additional 600 points to your score, depending on your current level. Bonus mode does not earn any additional points.

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TOP3:Andy Club - Golden Journey (PT)

Andy Club - Golden Journey (PT)-优德W88官网

The golden journey is a 5 shaft multi line slot machine. The goal of the game is to get a winning symbol combination by rotating the shaft.

Game play:

Click the "+" or "-" button on the left side of the screen to select the amount you want to bet on each claim line.

Click a button or the right or left side of the axis of the pay line number to select the number of claims you want to bet. For example, when you click line 3, you also choose line 1 and line 2. Each time you click on a button to select a pay line. Click on the biggest bet button or line 5 select all claims line. Keep in mind that the total bet (that is, the amount of money invested in the game) is the product of the number of lines selected and the payout. Click on the button will automatically rotate the spindle rotation.

Click the spin button (if you don't press the "Max") to rotate the shaft.

If the shaft is turned off, it will show the winning combination (along an activated pay line), and you will win the corresponding bonus according to the winning table. If you wish, you can click the odds Table button to view the odds table. Click the odds Table button again to close the odds table. If you win more than one line at the same time, your bonus will accumulate.

Pie and reward games:

Ground squirrels, ducks and catfish is the symbol all-match symbol, when you get a coherent arrangement of three or more symbols in a game on the screen (the same kind), you can enter the awards bureau. These symbols do not need to be on any claim line, indicating that they can be located anywhere on the shaft.

In the bonus game, select a driver, an iron, and then select a golf club. You will win the prize according to the clubs you choose. If you take four instead of just the three color cast into the reward game, your bonus will be increased to three times. If you enter a reward game with five color cast symbols, your bonus amount will be multiplied by 10.

Ball Dollar (US dollars)

This is a lottery (Lotto) progressive edge match types, can choose 5 numbers in the 49 numbers. Then, when you start the main game, the system randomly selects five numbers. The number of matches to choose the number, the more you win the prize. If all five numbers match, you will win the prize pool.

Ball Dollar (US dollars) 游戏驻留在屏幕的右上方。 单击启用可开始玩此游戏。 您会看到从 1 到 49 的一组号码。 单击其中任意五个号码进行手动选择(再次单击可取消选择),或者单击随机选取进行自动选择。 如果您要更改选定的号码,单击任一号码可重新开始。 单击激活将隐藏号码并确认您的选择。 激活 美元球(Dollar Ball) 之后,主游戏中,每次下注,额外的大奖注也自动放置。 大奖注为固定赌注,您可以在 美元球(Dollar Ball) 界面找到。 如果要取消Ball Dollar (US dollars) 游戏,可单击禁用。

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