Virtual sports mobile phone edition


Based on full real data, mobile version of high-frequency sports betting 24 hours a day without clearance! Anytime, anywhere cool games, enjoy the ultimate experience of virtual games! Virtual sports mobile phone version now supports the football and basketball sports betting, easily play Madden, immediately log on the experience!

Method 1: scan two-dimensional code login

Please visit the official website of the official website[mobile]Icon, select[sports] [virtual sports]The use of professional mobile phone, or WeChat Scanner Sweep, QQ sweep function, scanning the virtual sports game[D]. (as shown below):


Scan code will appear after the success of the virtual sports page, select any of your favorite games into. Small make up the choice is[Football- football], as shown below:

虚拟体育页面-优德W88官网At this point the system will pop up the login window. Please enter your[user name]and[password]After Click[login]. As follows:


click[change language]. As follows:

更换语言-优德W88官网Select the language as[Chinese]. As follows:


更改语言After Click[sports]. As follows:


Choice[virtual sports]进入. As follows:Choice虚拟体育-优德W88官网直接click您游戏类型图标. As follows:


Congratulations you have entered the virtual sports betting page, if you have enough balance can be anytime, anywhere cool game Oh ~ the following figure:


Method two: enter the phone site login


根据您的手机系统Choice登录网址。例如:Android IOS; &amp systemIt is recommended to use the phone comes with a browser to enter the phone login link: After entering the page, the same operation!

If you have any questions in the course of the game, you are welcome to contact us at any time 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!