NBA tournament recommendation – Thunder VS Wizards

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In February 2, 2016 09:00Thunder VS WizardsThe two sides are expected to start:Wizards:Gortat, Du ya, Potter, Temple, and Wall;Thunder:Adams, Wang, Durant, Li, and Westbrook.

Youter western sports: 9.5 points for the thunder ".

The game for the first time this season in November 11th, the thunder 125-101 away win over the wizards, but the Durant leg injury, the injury caused him to miss 6 games. Durant's injury obviously can be summed up in one of the reasons for the start of the season the thunder spurs away and watched the warriors stage. Now in the wizards, Durant to do is to lead the thunder smooth win.

Thunder team this season in Durant and Wesbrook's leadership to play a very strong, steady, so far this season has achieved 36 wins and 13 losses, ranked in the west of the third. The young team is once again a strong contender for the west. The last three games the team faced little resistance, poor Nicks and Minnesota strength, the Rockets also rely on harden them, the thunder team relaxed 3 wins as the opponent team strength is not strong, the thunder team to four wins.

Although the Washington Wizards star guard wall, but the team's overall strength is still not in the alliance based on the law of the jungle, so far this season, 21 wins and 24 losses, ranked eleventh in eastern, to make the playoffs has been difficult, especially in the eastern alliance and tyrannical. After the game in November 11th, wizards coach Wittmann criticized the weakness of the team, especially criticized the team's defense. But until the Wizards at this stage have not really changed: nearly 7 war 5 lost the trend in the field are as high as 110.7 points. Because his family died, Wittman will miss the next 2 games of the Washington Wizards, has announced by the TA Tang Newman served as acting coach.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 9.5 points wins the thunder.