NBA tournament recommended – Thunder VS Lakers


In December 20, 2015 06:00The Lakers thunder VSThe two sides are expected to start:Lakers:Clarkson, Williams, Kobe, Nancy, Hibbert.Thunder team:Wesbrook, Durant, Adams, Robson, yibaka. This season the Lakers into the playoffs, the hope is slim, more let Kobe finish his last season. How goes the day, tomorrow morning will be announced!

The game youter western sports: 15.5 points for the thunder ".

Beijing time on December 20th at 6 a.m., NBA regular season Oklahoma thunder team will be at home against the Losangeles lakers. The Lakers' poor performance this season, a rocket suffered 20 killed, although the game loses the game, but the Lakers still fight tenaciously, Kobe A good sword remains always sharp. Scored 22 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, and sent a note to shame like violence is terrified every currently 4 wins and 22 losses, ranked fifteenth in the western. The thunder team this season comeback, but lost the last moment on a game for the Cavaliers, ending a 6 game winning streak. Currently 17 wins and 9 negative ranking in the west of the third. Last season, the two teams clash 3 times, the thunder team three wins.

In the home game against the Rockets, the Lakers lost 20 points to the Rockets, they are still not winning streak this season. Kobe scored 22 points and a total of 8 rebounds in the game, with a total of 16 shots in the last 3 games. He had a shooting rate of about 53.2% in the last 9 games and averaged a total of 23 points. As recently as Russell and Randall and other young players has a good performance. The Lakers this season poor games are as high as 106.8 points, while averaging 97.3 points but. This season the Lakers into the playoffs, the hope is slim, more let Kobe finish his last season.

The thunder of the season due to Durant's return and return to the West elite, including Durant averaged 27.2 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists, 9 times in the past against the Lakers, Durant averaged 33.8 points, he is the team score points. While the other core Wesbrook averaged 25.6 points and 7.1 rebounds and 9.5 assists, less than two of the thunder is the winner. Except for two people, the team is not stable third points, such as Adams et al yibaka and more defensive team to the playoffs, it needs to score far more dispersed.