NBA tournament recommendation – Thunder VS trailblazer

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March 15, 2016 08:00Thunder VS pioneerThe two sides are expected to start:Thunder:Durant, Weiss,, Ibaka, and Adams, and by the way of the words of the author, such as, by the way of the;The Blazers:McCollum, Aminu, Feng Lai and Lillard, plumbly.

Youter western sports: Thunder -8 3.

Thunder recently played slightly depressed, the lack of a sense of rhythm, the recent losing streak, so needed a victory to reverse the current embarrassing situation, Gemini strength is worthy of trust, and now the team bench tough, and relatively easy to rebound. The Trail Blazers here is not too stable, after all, not every Superman Lillard, want to give a satisfactory answer that is unlikely to carry the burden of the rest of the team, and the opponent is horrible offensive thunder, I'm afraid is fraught with grim possibilities.

Thunder on a bad battle, in the road 85-93 defeat spurs, which is the twelfth quarter of the previous three sessions have lost, so far suffered the worst reversal of the league is the worst of all the 12. In the four quarter, the thunder only second 27-20 get victory, the rest three were lost in front of the Spurs defense also recently hit a low score. Durant and Westbrook although the field together with 47 points, but the three point shooting two people add up to 9 too horrible to look at, investment was 1, 7 points and 12 rebounds yibaka, defensive end to do good, but he needs to contribute more in the end of the thunder attack, the lack of this score is. Kanter is the recent discovery of thunder, the player since March 7th to maintain a high level, then the thunder beat the Bucks when Kanter scored 18 points and 12 rebounds, after a few games against the Spurs scored in double a also contributed 11 points and 17 rebounds, Donovan can be considered to give him a chance.

The blazers on a home court in the 121-84 win over the magic, the overall strength is not strong opponent to win is not unexpected, quickly from the loss to the warriors out of the shadow. The team offensive efficiency, especially the three ball is awesome, the team of 35 to 17, before a 36 vote in 19, three point ball is one of the main means of scoring. In this game the offensive end in light by Maikaolun and Lillard, like Clubb, Leonard and Henderson rotation players at any time play, and can immediately enter the role, this is a good phenomenon. The Blazers lost two nearly showing the characteristics of events, is a crazy cut Lillard recently won only one game, two players will be lost when the rotation of a collective slump, but the last 2 Games team play well.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 8 points wins the thunder.