[W88] 2015-2016 youter Spanish Football League sixth round race


Beijing time on Saturday, September 26th (02:00), is about to usher in the sixth round of the 2015-2016 Football League in Spain, the following Xiaobian will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2015\/9\/26 (Saturday) 02:30 Valencia Granada
2015\/9\/26 (Saturday) 22:00 Barcelona Lars Palmas
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 00:15 Real Madrid Malaga
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 02:30 Sevilla Rayo Vallecano
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 02:30 Villarreal Atletico Madrid
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 04:05 Erval Viggo said
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 18:00 Sporting competition Real Betis
2015\/9\/27 (Sunday) 22:00 Deportivo La Coruna Spanish
2015\/9\/28 (Monday) 00:15 Getafe Levante
2015\/9\/28 (Monday) 02:30 Royal Society Athletic Bilbao

BarcelonaVSLars Palmas

Home team巴萨是西甲顶级实力的球队,上赛季西甲联赛排名第1位,本赛季西甲联赛排名第5位。球队最近十场比赛战绩为5胜1平4负,其中主场战绩为2胜1平2负。

Visiting team拉帕马斯是西甲本赛季的升班马,上赛季西甲联赛排名第4位,本赛季西甲联赛排名第12位。球队最近十场比赛战绩为3胜3平4负,其中客场战绩为2平4负。

In 1 than 4 lost to Barcelona CELTA after eating the first defeat in the league this season. In the post match press conference, Enrique praised the champion candidate CELTA is at the same position, if we lose it, he would rather lose to rival CELTA this work in just ways. Barcelona offensive side of the low efficiency, Enrique also expressed his doubts. Does Barcelona lack strength? Enrique said: "I do not think so. We made six or seven chances, but it was strange that there was no efficiency in front of us. This has happened before, we must solve it. We had a lot of frustration in the first half, we had two or three good chances before the game was over 0, but failed to score in the game, but we didn't score a goal in the first half of 1. Then nolito into a corner, mistakes and leads us to 0 to 2 behind. I congratulate CELTA, and wish them to continue playing like this."


Youter W88 western sports reminder: let the ball recommended: Barcelona (two ball half)