NBA recommended daily events – clippers VS nets


In December 13th 06:00,The Clippers VS nets, the two sides are expected to start:Clippers:Paul, Reddick, BA model,.Basket net:Johnson, Garet, Thaddeus, Bojan, Brook. All star striker ’ Black Griffin white of Warcraft ’ rate of airspace Losangeles in clippers challenge Broolyn to the nets, who look forward to!

This game recommended the Clippers make 6 points wins.

This is the two teams this season regular season game for the first time, the two teams in the past 10 games 9 times to win the home court ended, thus the two teams on the dependence of the strong home court.

The recent six home court battle, nearly two battle row in the home court to win, the team state was recovering, following the first 16 points to defeat second and third warriors not after they were 5 points and 9 points advantage over the rockets and 76 people, over two battle nets had been averaging 105 points, the team the fire is greatly improved, the past two battle nets assists have reached more than 22 times, the team offensive is quite exquisite team, the nets were at the beginning of the season and has greatly improved.

The Clippers recently even five passengers over three games, which they lost to the bulls in 80-83, the team defeats. The 3 row was terminated, and the bulls, the Clippers played tenacious, clippers once close to victory, they trailed by 16 points once in the second half, the final score will be imminent, in general, the clippers have over a period of time from the slump came out, the team is currently ranked in the West fourth, the Clippers still not missing Paul, but his injuries this season has repeatedly signs, the current state of ups and downs, and Reddick recently there are also signs of injury repeatedly, this is not conducive to the team's play.