NBA tournament recommended – Pacers VS Lakers


The February 9, 2016 08:00 is expected to debut: the Lakers: Hibbert, Randall Kobe, Lewis, Williams, Clarkson; Walker: mahellonmi Meyers, Turner, Paul - George, George - Hill, Monta Ellis

Youter western sports chupan: Pacers -11.5.

In November 30th last year, the Lakers home court against the Pacers before the first World War, Kobe announced the "last season"; in the blink of an eye, Kobe occupation career the last time against the Pacers will be staged.

The Pacers had a 112-104 victory over the pistons at home, winning again, and they were always losing a game. The first section of the 34-22 team had even got 12 points, after the time did not give much chance of winning the final piston, is without difficulty. In Maximi to get 4 points and 3 rebounds, he inside no against Drummond, but George played very well and played 29 minutes at 30 points and 8 rebounds, the Pacers play the best players.

The Lakers lost a game on the road to the Spurs 102-106, regret the end of the 2 game winning streak. The first section of the 20-29 team lost 9 points in the two or three quarter, although some recovery scores, but the distal 21-27 lost before efforts were in vain. Julius Randall's play is really good, 30 minutes to get a game of 15 points and 17 rebounds in both ends of the offense can see his figure, Kobe's hit rate is not high, but cut the Lakers the highest score of 25.

Walkers are recommended for 11.5 points.