NBA event daily recommended – Eagle vs heat

NBA赛事每日推荐-老鹰 vs 热火-优德W88官网

In December 15th 09:00The vs MiamiExpected starting lineup,Miami Heat:De Rakic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, and Whiteside.Eagle:Teague, Saive Llosa, Millsap, Huo Fude, Kyle korver. The eagle sits at the Phillips arena against Miami, the field to end losing streak. Small series for you to bring forward prediction!

The game is recommended to let the eagles 5 points.

In November 4th, the road to a 98-92 win over Miami, they have 7 consecutive defeat Miami, and in the home court even won 4 times, the last time in the home court losing to Miami dates back to February 21, 2013. This back-to-back out Miami tournament need Bosh and Wade play a more important role, they have to lead the team to continue the momentum of recovery. The Hawks have suffered 2 consecutive losses, their ranking has fallen out of the top eight in the East, Millsap, Huo Fude, who want to lead the team to rebound at home, they want to try to end the series.

Hawks this season, in general, in a row after the loss to the thunder and Spurs suffered 2 defeats. The two games, the both ends do not in place, averaging only 86 points per game, but losing up to 105 points. Now they are ninth in the eastern conference with a record of 14 wins and 11 losses, so they want to return to the top of the Eastern Conference in the first half of the year, so they have to take each game seriously. Because of this season the eastern competition is more intense, the eagle pressure, difficult to have a strong performance last season, Carol's departure prompted the team system has been destroyed, leading the team on both ends of the season because of frequent adjustment, coval injury problems is not very stable, Sefolo has poor performance since the return sand, they needed a victory to restore confident. Millsap as the team leader, he wants to use the overall performance of the team, the offensive side he wants to play more aggressive.

They have also let people down, the bad record, the players play some ups and downs, the game will be on the road to challenge the eagle, physical strength is a great problem. Although once ranked the top position in eastern, but recently they were trapped in the 14 home court against Memphis team has suffered a wave of losing streak. A total of three games lost 42 points, ranking from seventh to the eastern part of the first down, the heat losing process, there were respectively 17, 18 and 19 turnovers, a lot of mistakes is one of the reasons they lose.