[W88] 2015-2016 England eudem Football Super League twenty-fourth round race


Beijing time on February 03 (Wednesday) 03:45, is about to usher in the 2015-2016 England Football Super League in the twenty-fourth round, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 03:45 A Senna Southampton
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 03:45 Leicester Liverpool
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 03:45 Norwich Spurs
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 03:45 Sunderland Manchester City
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 03:45 West Ham Aston Vera
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 04:00 Crystal Palace Bournemouth
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 04:00 Manchester United Stoke City
2016\/2\/3 (Wednesday) 04:00 West Brom Swansea
2016\/2\/4 (Thursday) 03:45 Waterford Chelsea
2016\/2\/4 (Thursday) 03:45 Everton Newcastle

A SennaVSSouthampton

Arsenal team:

Arsenal won the FA Cup last weekend, stopping the three games in a row. The team is currently in the league with 44 points ranked third, with the top of Leicester City by 3 points. In the FA Cup, the "glass" Rosicky hurt again, he may need to rest for six weeks, in addition to Will Hill and Cazorla will continue to recover, but the injury of thigh Sanchez a one shot announced the return of the king, after all hit now, more than 5 goals in a league team only he and Giroux, Chile is still indispensable for the team.


Southampton近期又找回了赢球的状态,上轮客场挑落红魔,英超三连胜,目前积33分排名第8,冲击欧联杯席位仍有希望。本赛季球队客场3胜4平4负的战绩稍稍有所欠缺。不过他们上周末并无足总杯的比赛,获得的休息time也多于枪手。上轮比赛,从英冠女王公园巡游者队加盟而来的前锋奥斯丁首秀就完成绝杀,他本赛季初因为未能通过West Ham队的体检而继续留在QPR征战英冠。

History: the two sides nearly 6 war, Arsenal 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative slightly underdogs.

Analysis: the recent downturn of the state state of A Senna in the face of fiery Nanan Pu, a comprehensive view of the main victory is worth a try.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Arsenal let 0.5-1 ball.