2016-2017 Premier League thirty-second round

2016-2017 英超第32轮赛事推荐-优德W88官网

Beijing time on April 8, 2017 at 19:30 PM, 2016-17 season, the thirty-second round of the full open. Tottenham home court against Waterford round started the first shot, Sang Delan returned to Manchester United's Champions League sixth, Moyers and the old lord; no horse in Liverpool, whether it will send warmth?

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 19:30 Spurs Waterford
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 22:00 Manchester City Hull City
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 22:00 Boro Burnley
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 22:00 Stoke City Liverpool
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 22:00 West Brom Southampton
2017\/4\/8 (Saturday) 22:00 West Ham Swansea
2017\/4\/9 (Sunday) 00:30 Bournemouth Chelsea
2017\/4\/9 (Sunday) 20:30 Sunderland Manchester United
2017\/4\/9 (Sunday) 23:00 Everton Leicester
2017\/4\/11 (Tuesday) 03:00 Crystal Palace A Senna



2017 Premier League thirty-second round, about to kick off, and for many despots, this is a good time to take the points, but relatively weak team does not rule out the possibility of a shock, what team win, wait and see.