NBA tournament recommended – Warriors VS thunder

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In February 7, 2016 10:00Warrior VS thunderThe two sides are expected starting:Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, Green, curry, boggarts;Thunder:Wesbrook, Durant, Adams, yibaka, witters.

Youter western sports: Warriors -8.5 ".

The Warriors (45 - 4) this season almost Shirupozhu in the league, 8 wins in 7 days they will usher in another test, they will be in the home court against the thunder (38 - 13). After killing the knight, the Spurs, all the warriors in the hopes of the thunder blocking body. Curry and Thompson to keep the offensive, Green will continue to give full play, they have to lead the team to get 9 wins over his home court. The thunder has got 5 wins, two little Durant and Wesbrook are in good form, they want on the road over the enemy.

Recently the State Warriors are still hot, a get out of hand, Curitiba continued brilliant performance, had to beat the wizards, one single out 11 record three points, a trend which cannot be halted, in addition, Green, Thompson and Barnes and other players were stable, the warriors scored 8 game winning streak, with 45 wins and 4 losses record ranked first in the league. A war with the wizards, curry scored 51 points, cast medium career high 11 three pointers, he must keep the outside touch to drive the team.

The thunder here is of good performance, two is in the peak period, averaging double already be nothing difficult role player, Heribertus, morrow, and Kanter and other players given great support, the team scored 5 game winning streak. This game will challenge the terrorist warriors, will usher in the exam season. Two excellent condition, but the thunder does not rely on them alone, the team also needs to Witters, Ibaka, Adams et al to contribute, on the bench, Kanter Augustin, Payne et al also has to play.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 8.5 points wins the thunder recommended.