NBA tournament recommended – Spurs VS thunder

赛事推荐20160510May 11, 2016 08:00 is expected to start the two sides: Spurs: Parke, Green, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. The Spurs::, Leonard, and so on, and then, by the way of the thunder: the following are the following: the thunder and lightning of the world: Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder,

Youter western sports: San Antonio -7 3.

Fourth playoff games, the Spurs suffered open mode Durant paratelum of God, the nature is being suspended. In that game Adu single-handed scored 41 points, including the distal 6 shots and scored 17 points in. On the contrary at the end, the Spurs team together to get 16 points. Thus, you and the team with the tacit understanding, tactical layout elegant, in front of stars hanging open like power, not worth mentioning. The holy city assists the data continue to decline, the Spurs first playing mandizhaoya gain a complete victory, the thunder, the game in the home court sent as many as 39 assists for the spurs. The next two games, the Spurs assists fell to 19 times; to the last round of the game lost the game, the Spurs assists only poor number of 12 times. In the case of talent competition is not as good as the opponent, if the team can not play again, the Spurs will be difficult to make a difference.

The Spurs battle on the road to lose, the team morale in combat, but the two teams still at the same starting line, the Spurs still have home court advantage, battle spurs All Star 3 Leonard, Aldridge and Parke have a strong desire to attack, the 3 men together scored 63 points, but the Spurs overall defensive performance disappointing, especially for Durant this point of defense is not in place, the team finally pay the cost of losing for bad defense, the Spurs still have to regain good team defensive strategy, try to use chelunzhan defensive mode to play out the thunder Gemini attack rhythm, and strive to master the initiative in transition.

Thunder on the battle in the home court usher in the victory, the team successfully equalized score, encouraged by the morale of the team, the battle of Westbrook feel bad, but the excellent passing or let the thunder offense increase, while Adu firepower, the audience Voted 25 in 14 had scored the highest 41 points, the thunder team kept over 5 shooting team offensive aggressive, and all will be rebounding consciousness is also high, the final offensive and defensive thunder successfully pulled one back, the Spurs challenge devil thunder to come up with more home court, more strong sense of teamwork and opponents on both ends of the court to resist in the end.

Recommended thunder transferee 7 points wins.