Easy fix – ball handicap that Asian Sports


Asian handicap has a high reference value for sports betting, can improve the prediction accuracy, but the mouth analysis involves some terminology, today Xiaobian to introduce you to your doubts, better betting game.

Let the ball:

Let the ball is also called a single win, can be interpreted as a designated match in the injection of the winning team. If the result with let the ball for a draw, then the game player bets will be returned, the commonly known as "go dish".

Let the ball disc consists of three parts, two teams participated in the competition, let the ball number (commonly known as the handicap) and water level.

Let the ball disc also includes single tickets and packages of two kinds, namely in the betting page, see that the difference between the 1 ball or 0.25 ball. The single ticket refers to a game in a team out of a ball, for example: Milan Rome international hemisphere, then the amount of punters betting all in the ball the handicap. Package refers to a game for a team to open the two ball, for example: Lightning satisfied hemisphere \/ a ball juventus. Then, the average amount of punters will be divided into two parts, namely half bets in the lightning let hemisphere handicap, the other half is betting in let a ball handicap on lightning.

Calculation of winning bets:

South Korea, such as South Korea, a transferee of Guangzhou Hengda 0.5 goals, Guangdong Hengda Hengda win, (Hongkong disk) odds of 1.03, principal of $100, the result of the game is 0:1, the forecast is successful, will win 100*1.09=109 yuan.

The following figure, Guangzhou Hengda let 0 or 0.5 balls, betting on the $100, on behalf of the $50 bet let 0 balls, $50 bet let 0.5 balls. The calculation method on the existence of such win or lose half half, half, (+1): \/2* shuban, principal, principal \/2.


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