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Today's Dezhou poker first appeared one hundred years ago in Dallas. This game is difficult to learn in the past thirty years has been widely circulated, and by the world's chess game enthusiasts favor. So far, the conquest of the world series of poker poker tournament is the highest honor, but also the dream of every poker fans.

Texas poker full name Texas Hold 'Poker, Chinese abbreviation Dezhou Poker (EM). It is a kind of player to the player's public card game. A table at least Two people, up to TwoTwo people, usually by Two-One0 people to participate. Dezhou poker a total of FiveTwo cards, no trump card. Each game player two cards as "cards", five by the dealer in succession in a public brand. At the beginning of each game player will have two face down cards. After all the betting ring, if still not a winner, the game will enter the "showdown" stage, also is to let the rest of the game player reveal their cards to their respective higher, holding big wins.

Weekday feature锦标赛-优德WEightEight官网

Weekday feature
Daily margin of $One0000

Weekday feature是指周一到周五举行的大型Bond锦标赛系列。
A series includes four of the most popular tournament formats.
Daily margin of $One0000!抓住机会,立即参加,赢取您最喜欢的锦标赛bonus吧!

Activity name Beijing time Purchase Bond Minimum number of players
Reward on weekdays OneNine:00 Beijing time $TwoFive $Two000 Nine
Dezhou Poker Two0:00 Beijing time $Five0 $Three000 Nine
Omaha daily TwoOne:00 Beijing time $Five0 $Three000 Nine
Weekday shopping TwoTwo:00 Beijing time $One0 (re purchase $One0, plus purchase $One0) $Two000 Nine

Satellite race

* Dezhou Poker,奥马哈及Satellite race每天运行。
通过Satellite race,以更便宜的价格参加主要活动。

Satellite race名称 Beijing time Purchase Bond Minimum number of players
Dezhou Poker快速Satellite race OneNine:Three0 Beijing time $One0 Two tickets Six
Omaha daily快速Satellite race Two0:Three0 Beijing time $One0 Two tickets Six



Sunday series


Sunday series start time Games \/ format Purchase Bond
Happy Sunday OneSeven:00 Beijing time 无限下注德州扑克/Six人桌 $FiveFive $Five000
Hunting Sunday OneEight:00 Beijing time Dezhou poker \/ cumulative reward $FiveFive $Five000
Dezhou Poker OneNine:00 Beijing time Dezhou poker \/ standard tournament $One00 $One0000
Large Omaha Two0:00 Beijing time Omaha \/ standard tournament $One00 $One0000
VIP Sunday TwoOne:00 Beijing time Games \/ format:Dezhou poker \/ standard tournament $TwoFive0 $One0000
Double Sunday TwoTwo:00 Beijing time Games \/ format:无限下注德州扑克/重购,加购 $TwoFive $One0000

(* 主要活动开始前,先举行Sunday seriesSatellite race。通过Satellite race,以更便宜的价格参加主要活动。  )

Satellite race名称 时间(Beijing time) Purchase Bond Minimum number of players
Happy Sunday快速Satellite race OneSix:Three0 $OneOne Two tickets Six
Hunting SundaySatellite race OneSeven:Three0 $OneOne Two tickets Six
Dezhou PokerSatellite race OneSeven:Three0 $One0 One tickets Six
Large OmahaSatellite race OneEight:Three0 $One0 One tickets Six
VIP Sunday重购Satellite race OneEight:Three0 $Five One tickets Six
Dezhou Poker快速Satellite race OneEight:Three0 $Two0 Two tickets Six
Large Omaha快速Satellite race OneNine:Three0 $Two0 Two tickets Six
VIP SundaySatellite race OneNine:Three0 $TwoFive One tickets Six
VIP Sunday快速Satellite race Two0:Three0 $Five0 Two tickets Six


坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网

Lucky turntable

Lucky turntable是让人更加兴奋的德州扑克坐满即玩。

Lucky wheel has at least Three players to join in order to rotate.

Each rotation will give players the opportunity to get three bonus.

Percentage of lucky wheel

bonus probability
fortune cookie Five0%
xFourPurchase FourTwo%
xEightPurchase Eight%

坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网

坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网轮盘在fortune cookie停止转动,所有玩家将获得fortune cookie,游戏也就结束。

Collect One0 cards, you can get a bonus!

坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网
坐走-Lucky turntable-优德WEightEight官网
Blind injection structure

$One Purchase
Starting chip: One00
level Blind The game
One Two \/ Four Three
Two Five / One0 Six
Three One0 / Two0 Six
Four Two0 / Four0 Six
Five Three0 / Six0 Six
Six Five0 / One00 Six
Seven One00 / Two00 Infinity
$Five Purchase
起始筹码 : Five00
level Blind The game
One Five / One0 Three
Two One0 / Two0 Six
Three TwoFive / Five0 Six
Four Five0 / One00 Six
Five One00 / Two00 Six
Six Two00 / Four00 Six
Seven Five00 / One,000 Infinity
$OneFive Purchase
起始筹码 : One,Five00
level Blind The game
One OneFive / Three0 Six
Two Three0 / Six0 Six
Three SevenFive / OneFive0 Six
Four OneFive0 / Three00 Six
Five Three00 / Six00 Six
Six Five00 / One,000 Six
Seven One,000 / Two,000 Six
Eight One,Five00 / Three,000 Infinity