The Bundesliga race recommended – Mainz VS Stuttgart


In December 12th 03:30, the Mainz home court, the last 3 League 2 wins, coach Martin Schmidt for the best record since taking office, has risen to seventh in the table, take a strong momentum, who gets what tomorrow will be seen.

Mainz 05 to 0.5 win recommendation

The Mainz round away 3 to 1 victory over Hamburg recently made 2 league wins, the state is good, the team state steadily. Mainz and Stuttgart before rebounding belongs to the same integral segment of the team had lost to Werder Stuttgart home court level.

The Stuttgart experienced the worst start in club history, the end of last month coach, assistant coach and goalkeeper coach collective class, in class U23, negore coach. Coach Klum Ni took over after sports director Dutt said Klum Ni will coach the winter break, will determine the coach candidates. The last round of home court barely played Bremen, the end of the 3 game losing streak. Before the 15 round record of 3 wins 2 flat 10 negative ranked second, road record 1 wins 1 flat 5 negative, of which 12 away goals ranked fourth, but the 20 ball is the most; there are 3 half round end, in addition to the face of the excellent state of Mainz, and the road against Cologne, home court meet in Wolfsburg. Can be said that it is difficult to win, avoid relegation situation in jeopardy.

The 6 season 12 games guest party only won 1 wins, Mainz recently to Stuttgart home court 5 wins 3 flat unbeaten, and 5 victories have occurred in the last 6 seasons. Mainz has excellent performance, they should be more affected by betting favor, but Stuttgart is not low, Stuttgart is not weak in attack. In the past six Bundesliga, they scored 7 goals, the attack can be discharged downstream in the bundesliga. But they feel offensive was stronger than the defensive end, not to lose the ball games alone luck to help, is the worst team defending bundesliga.