Spanish League – Espanyol vs Valle Cano

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In March 8, 2016 03:00Spanish vs Valle CanoThe two sides are expected to start:Spanish:Lopez, Delgado, Alvaro, Lopez, Sanchez, Diop, Maldives, Onyango Asensio, Gonzales, Gerrard, Caicedo;Valle Cano:Martin, Crespo, Tito, Gini, Llorente, Baitullah, Delaware, Adrian, Russ Shaw Pitty and Bei Bei, he.

Youter western sports: Spanish -0.5 ball chupan.

The Spaniard and Valle Cano in the finale is a concern of the relegation battle. Although the two teams are not ranked in the relegation zone, but their situation is not good enough, a loss will change their existing rankings. The duel is to avoid relegation, who want to get satisfaction scores in each other, so the two teams will definitely go all out. The two teams in the first round of the contest Valle Cano 3 to 0 home to beat the Spaniard, has a certain advantage in mind.

The Spaniard this season's disappointments, the 27 round of 8 wins 4 flat 15 negative 28 points, barely fifteenth in the table, the last round of home court 0 to 3 loss to the Royal Bettis, after the game the team's goal difference of minus 27, the lowest goal to become the team in La Liga, defense the team is their largest short board, if you want to win points to avoid relegation, the team must strengthen the defense strength, can have the possibility to get good results.

A team of Valle Cano this season is the relegation zone, the 27 round of 6 wins 8 flat 13 negative 26 points, ranked seventeenth in La Liga, away from the relegation zone only 2 points, the slightest mistake will fall in the relegation zone, the situation is not optimistic. Valle Cano's team conceded the most, but the number of goals is still in the bottom half of the most defensive team, Valle Cano is the biggest drag factor, so the defense problem is their first should solve the problem.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game Valle Cano transferee 0.5 ball wins.