The Champions League – Paris Saint Germain vs Chelsea


The February 17, 2016 03:45 is expected to debut: Paris Saint Germain: Trapp, Veer, marquinhos, David Lewis, Kurt Zawa, Maserati, Mattu Edie, Lucas - Mora, Ibrhimovic, Di Maria, Chelsea, Tuva, Cavani; library, Baba Ivanovic, Cahill, Azpilicueta, Fabregas, Matic, Pedro, William, Zal, Diego. Costa

Youter western sports: chupan Paris Saint Germain – 0.5-1.

UEFA Champions League top sixteen in this week's fighting, Paris Saint Germain in Paris Prince Chelsea Park Stadium against the blues. The greater Paris League in less than 0 field 0 landlords draw with Lille, missed the opportunity to take all three points, but there is speculation that for the champions to stay in power. The team is currently 70 points in the League lead. This season, the two sides of the bus offensive and defensive performance is stable, the team is continuing the 23 games unbeaten trend. Chelsea and Newcastle last weekend's game, the team before the slaughter, half early lock 3 lead than the 0, final score frames at 5 to 1. As the Premier League club this season, Chelsea is the only state of ups and downs, the team accumulated 33 points ranked twelfth in the league. Chelsea in the course of the storm after the storm, the team quickly out of the trough, currently in the race to maintain a record 12 consecutive unbeaten.

This is the two clubs for three consecutive years the knockout encounter in the Champions League, teams of European war history had 6 encounters, Chelsea 2 wins 3 flat 1 negative slightly prevail, the two teams meet in the Champions League last season 16, the two round of both sides in the civil war into 90 minutes 1-1, Paris on the second leg overtime on away goals advantage out of Chelsea. In European history, Paris Saint Germain and the Premier League the other team had 11 meetings, record of only 2 wins 5 flat 4 negative, and Chelsea in Europe and Paris in addition to the French team had 14 meetings, record of 5 wins 5 flat 4 negative.

The two teams clash has inextricably involved potential, the last 2 Champions League tie against all, and from the two teams this season and the Champions League clash performance, Paris has certain advantages. Staff on the Paris squad won the League off, there is no pressure, the Champions League experience have become increasingly rich, ACE Ibrahimovic Yuezhanyueyong, the last round of the team for the main holiday. Chelsea although the defence is not reassuring, lost the knockout most confident capital, but the two month unbeaten also let people expect.

Paris St Germain wins a ball.