NBA tournament recommended daily – Lakers VS bucks

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In December 16th 11:30Lakers VS bucksThe two sides are expected starting:The Bucks:Meo, Middleton, Parke, Monroe, adetokunbo.Lakers:Russell, Williams, Kobe, Nancy, Hibbert. The game is the first time the two teams in the regular season clash. How to match? Coming soon!

The game is recommended for 2.5 bucks.

11:30 on Wednesday morning, Kobe led the Grand Army of the Losangeles Lakers at Staples Center against the Milwaukee bucks. The game is the first time the two teams in the regular season clash. The Lakers ended their 8 game home, their first home since November 30th, and they have to fight for a home run. The Bucks ended their Champions League win on Sunday, giving them confidence.

Since Kobe announced the retirement of the season, the Lakers have been particularly concerned about the game, but the overall strength of the team is always limited, regardless of how the media touted the Lakers is difficult to rebound. The Lakers recently had 6 defeats, averaging to the net transport up to 15.7 opponents, the team the condition worse though Kobe will save as can be imagined, especially, but its strength is not as good as before is an indisputable fact, and the young players and not took the leaders, the battle against the Rockets, though Kobe hit rate 56.3%, and scored 25 points and 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals per game, the Lakers team's overall offensive efficiency is not high, defensive awareness is still weak, the team finally defeated the swallow. The Lakers' 3 wins and 21 losses in the bottom.

The bucks on a war end warriors 24 straight at home court, brother letter gains NBA first career double three, became the youngest team in the history of the 3 pairs of players. The bucks are currently starting in the west 4 even off, although the home record of 8 wins and 5 losses is quite impressive, but with the opposite is the fact that the Bucks have been losing streak in the game, showing the high degree of dependence of this young army on the home court. This season the team defensive end show weakness, their presence was credited with 95.5 points at the same time, the net negative up to 5.7 points. Bucks currently record 10 wins and 15 losses, ranking the bottom of the east by the end of third.