2016-2017 La Liga thirty-second round recommended

2016-2017 西甲第32轮赛事推荐

Beijing time at 02 a.m. on April 15, 2017, the Spanish League, the thirty-second round of the contest began in 45. By the Bilbao athletics in the home court against Las Palmas, from the previous confrontation, the Bilbao athletics recently 3 La Liga meet Las Palmas even winless, played for the first time this season away 1-3 defeat the Bilbao athletics home court vengeful war, credible.

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/4\/15 (Saturday) 02:45 Bilbao Lapper Maas
2017\/4\/15 (Saturday) 19:00 Rackow Malaga
2017\/4\/15 (Saturday) 22:15 Sporting hope Real Madrid
2017\/4\/16 (Sunday) 00:30 atletico madrid Osasuna
2017\/4\/16 (Sunday) 02:45 Barcelona Royal Society
2017\/4\/16 (Sunday) 18:00 Eli Gane J Spanish
2017\/4\/16 (Sunday) 22:15 Valencia Sevilla
2017\/4\/17 (Monday) 00:30 Bettis Erval
2017\/4\/17 (Monday) 02:45 Granada CELTA
2017\/4\/17 (Monday) 02:45 Alaves Alaves

BilbaoVSLapper Maas

上轮输球的Bilbao竞技不幸掉到了积分榜的第8位,失去欧战资格是俱乐部绝不容许出现的情况,因此本轮回归主场面对拉斯帕尔马斯,毕巴有充足的理由拿取三分。倒是Lapper Maas已经接近提前放假状态,球队此番客战没有任何压力。

B: all the main battle thus suggested three points

After last weekend with the submarine war defeated, Bilbao actually fell to eighth in the standings, which means that if the season ended, Basque lions will lose the European qualification for next season. It is not acceptable for this ranking team, so the team gave the win to return home court, and Yiadulisi led the offensive line to attack, Baltimore Baird put his most trusted attack group.

Lapper Maas:锋线失主将客战困难

上轮主场大胜Bettis让Lapper Maas将积分升到了38分,球队基本处于一个与世无争的位置,这意味着他们很可能提前进入休假状态。本轮客战毕巴,球队虽然心理上没有压力,但锋线的缺失让他们折损了一定的战斗力。何塞因伤确定无缘此战,而博阿滕的先发位置也被里巴哈替代。好消息是后防大将比加斯确认复出,这给球队的防守增添了一定保障。

The results of prediction

The value B win, at the same time because the offensive play an open game, it is worth looking forward to.