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The new version of Android mobile APP client has been updated throughout the network!!! "Four in one" mobile edition, providing sports, entertainment city, slot machines, and lotto four products. The new version without re loading, you can directly install the game! Youter W88 to help you master the betting minutes whenever and wherever possible, profit! Four in one play games, as provided in the palm of second deposit speed!

Download and install

如果您的手机已经安装Club W88客户端,无需卸载,即可安装.如果您还没有安装,小编教您轻松完成Download and install.

Youter login W88 website to[mobile page]Scan two-dimensional code download. You can use this timeTwo dimensional code scanner"Scanning the corresponding two-dimensional code for download, the following steps to operate:


Download and install完成.登录页面[registered account]Features, mobile phones to help you easily complete the registration! The operation is synchronized with the web page! Following chart:


New function item, explosion cashier, one hand! All sense is with the web version, the game fun youter ~ W88 immediately


The bottom page updates show[fund management] [points reward club] [preferential] and [online customer service]Function item.

Whether you're at any interface, you can switch to the page you want to see. Following chart:

积分兑换 优惠 客服-优德W88官网

Sports pages are available[Oriental Sports] [western sports] and [virtual sports].

The casino offers【百家乐-智能眯牌】、【超级三公】、【优四百家乐】、【超级98百家乐】、【轮盘】、【百家乐】、【龙虎】以及【骰宝】.如下图.

体育 娱乐城-优德W88官网

Slot machine club provides 6 club games[Kim], [golden] pool [], [], Jinzun Kinde, [] and [Kim] toad Vatican Club.如下图.


Lotto offers[happy color]And the latest Lotto number betting game[PK10].

[download area]将单独提供丰富的Game供您选择.您可以选择您喜爱的GameDownload and install到手机桌面,无须每次进入安卓APP手机客户端查找Game,省去您宝贵的赢钱时间!

GameAndy Club (PT platform)Players can choose to download individually【金殿老虎机】或【金殿真人娱乐城】.Following chart:

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