UEFA Champions League Tournament – Bayern VS Ma Jing


The May 4, 2016 02:45 is expected to debut: Bayern: Neuer, Rahm, Martinez, Alabbar, Vidal, small Boateng, Tiago, Costa, Muller, Ribery Alcantara, Lewandowski; Oblak, Juan Fran, Ma Jing: Ji Mei, Godin, Felipe, in, Augusto, Kirk, Saul, Gaby, Gregory, Torres Saltzman

Youter western sports: Bayern chupan ball -1.

Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final first leg match 0-1 away defeat to Atletico Madrid, either Paibingbuzhen or players after the game have been questioned. For Muller Tiago's first Bayern midfielder did not give an advantage, but the impact of the team's offensive efficiency, and has replaced Steven Ribery Koeman too much into alone, the team contributed little lost to Ma Jing's side pressing force, road alone only a chance to be, instead of game by Ma competitive attack succeeded, so the final defeat of Bayern is reasonable, if the team is running normally, get an away goal is perhaps the most ideal result.

To be sure, at the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich will certainly occupy an overwhelming advantage in time on the ball, and Atletico Madrid will be in the premise of solid defense to attack, and this one week before the first round will not have what different. However, although Ma Jing in the Champions League 1\/4 finals to eliminate Barcelona, however abroad sheets Legion play in the Champions League away game record is not ideal, as long as Bayern can keep the pressure in 90 minutes, and patience in the other areas, so Guardiola's team is expected to reach the final.

The first leg horse home court 1-0 Lectra Bayern, the guest arena, eager to reach the final sheets legion. On the weekend of the league, Glenn Seidman again scored, the Atletico is critical; in addition, including Augusto Fernandes, Felipe, Saul, more than the main players had a certain degree of rotation, they will take the physical expressively to Munich.

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