World Cup Asian qualifiers [China VS Korea]


Win! The Chinese team won!!! Congratulations to all the men China, finally Chinese national long face! The battle of South Korea, after the event China thad people grudges too much dissatisfaction with South Korea, in spite of the &#8230 finally yesterday!!!

2018 World Cup qualifier 12 Asian Games China VS Korea

世界杯亚洲预选赛【中国VS韩国】Click to view [event replay]

Game time: Beijing time on March 23rd at 19:35 PM

Venue: He Long stadium, Hunan, Changsha

Nature of the game: the world cup 12 games

On both sides: China VS Korea

12强赛-于大宝一锤定音 国足主场1-0韩国斩首胜

China soccer VS Korea history:

China and South Korea after 2 in the preliminary matches meet, 1989 in the final stage of World Cup Asian Zone fourteenth, China 12 strong enough to 0-1 after the first round of last year, the Orangemen lost 2-3 away.


Beijing time on the evening of March 23rd, the 2018 World Cup Asian top 12 sixth round games, Chinese national soccer team beat South Korea team in Changsha 1-0. Thirty-fifth minutes, Zhang Linpeng's strike team for Chinese leads Yu Dabao corner kick opportunity, Wang Yongpo received a pass header. Chinese team won the first victory of the 12 season, Lippi also made the first victory over the manager, which is also China football in the international A-class tournament history second victory over South korea.


The first 5 round of the country's top 2 flat and negative only get the 2 points, the South Korean team is a total of 3 wins, 1 draws and 10 negative points in group, 1. Whether at home to beat South Korea directly determines whether the country can continue to struggle in the hope of the team, together with the country to fight for Lippi's first win after the coach, the game caused a high degree of attention of the fans of public opinion. Lippi discharge 4-3-3 attack formation, Hao Junmin and the midfielder with his partner,, and the combination of the attack line of the combination of the attack and the attack, and the combination of the attack on the line of attack by the combination of the attack on the formation of the attack by the United States and the United States, and. South Korea's top star Sun Xingmin was suspended for Ki, led, with Zizhe and other players in Europe Ji Dong won squad to clear the goal of winning attitude.


Nearly 40 thousand Chinese fans for the He Long Sports Center in Changsha to create a warm red atmosphere, many fans are wearing a printed battle Changsha theme of the red. After the opening of China team to rapidly implement this theme, Wang Yongpo actively grab the resulting ki foul, free kick with high ball attack goalkeeper Zhang Lin. Fierce rivalry between the two sides in the midfield, the beginning of the stage, there is a foul. China team took the focus marker for South Korea midfielder ki.


The offside appeared in Wu Lei wing impact twice to eighth minutes after the game when Wu Lei used the speed on the South Korean team created a real killer, Ji Dong won was forced to pull the midfield foul received a yellow card. However, the impact of the Chinese team's free kick was once again offside. Chinese team in the first 10 minutes of the match in midfield scraping and achieved a certain effect, but the anti attack too impatient. The impact frequency after 10 minutes of the game of the Korean team has improved significantly, the gold Zhenzhu pass in the left and the Tingxie Li area before the ball to Chinese team defense exerted some pressure.


Thirteenth minutes, China team in right with fast pass Zhang Linpeng out of high quality, before Yu Dabao outflanking slightly missed the ball, the ball just flood destroyed the bottom line. After Luneiqie Leipzig Ji Dong won the right to complete the first shot, the ball missed more no threat. Eighteenth minutes, Li Tingxie periphery long-range crossbar.


The Chinese team in twentieth minutes on the front of the right to form a continuous transfer of cooperation, although not a real offensive, but reflects the last round of the transfer of the first round of the war with Qatar control bright. After the header ferry Ji Dong won nearly to the South Korean team before the formation of the danger appears after inserting murder, Lippi quickly got up, with the body language of the players on the field to remind.


Twenty-ninth minutes, Chinese team by Li Rong slipped on the failure to form an offensive threat, Wu Lei after the ball forward pass area, South Korea goalkeeper Quan Chuntai Yu Dabao was blocked in the restricted area on the left oblique. South Korea is also rapidly with an offensive threat, get rid of the restricted area before the Nam Tae hee Gongmen slightly dapian.


Thirty-fourth minutes, Zhang Linpeng and Zhang Xizhe with the active form road forward, he shot from outside the area by Hong Zheng denied the bottom line. Take advantage of this corner of the opportunity, the Chinese team scored in thirty-fifth minutes: Wang Yongpo will be on the left corner of the ball to the front point, the head of the ball easily into the back of the ball in the corner of the goal of Yu Dabao. This is the country foot "luck" in Yu Dabao He Long Changsha Sports Center fifth games fifth goals, Yu Dabao had the most impressive goal is the rain war in Iraq juesha.


After the goal of the South Korean team will quickly advance the formation of the impact of the Chinese team continued to improve, although the Chinese team to take back the formation of the defense, the defensive pressure in the first half of the closing stage is still increasing. Forty-second minutes, the ball into the box Chinese Infiltration Pond Dong won the right to make a key moment Zheng Zhi Nam Tae hee ball interception; South Korea's offensive in the corner and the formation of Leipzig, Ji Dong won the top header high. Forty-fifth minutes, the Korean team in the left to penetrate into the restricted area, the ball hit the gold Zhenzhu Feng Xiaoting who pop up the bottom line pass, almost own goal.


With the continued impact of the first half of the segment, the South Korean team will be half the ball rate increased by 60%, but the South Korean team in the first half of the 5 shots did not shoot the goal goal. China's 1-0 lead at halftime. Chinese team shot 2 times in the second half of the shot is positive, offside number 8-1 is far more than South korea.


After the edge of the South Korean team replaced by high center Jin Xinyu, the Chinese team also substitutions adjustment, Wu Xi replaced by the next. Golden Dragon quickly reflect the role of the high ferry, with the philosophy of the Chinese team in the restricted area of the hinterland to create a certain danger. After a sustained shock in the South Korean team, Zhang Linpeng steals the ball for the Chinese team in fiftieth minutes leads to a fast break, Hao Junmin right pass, the head of the door was blocked off the bottom line of the flood is good to go to the bottom line of the line, the first line of the game is a good way to get rid of it.


South Korea's active ball situation around Jin Xinyu looking for fighters, China team continue to defend waiting for the fast counter attack opportunity, the two sides formed a continued stalemate. Fifty-eighth minutes, Zhang Xizhe leads the team China fast break opportunities, Yu Dabao left the ball straight into the arms of Quan Chuntai inscribed leipzig. Zheng Zhi back off the ball after ball to get rid of the South Korean team after anti ki area before Leipzig threat, CengCheng fighting denied the ball.


An hour after the game, Lippi made second substitutions, and Yin Hongbo changed the game for the first time in the game of the game. The game was replaced by a replacement of the next. Yin Hongbo through the excellent performance of the previous Chinese cup formation in the national team. Sixty-first minutes, midfielder Hao Junmin steals Chinese team to form a continuous transfer, Zhang Xizhe ball into the penalty area, Yu Dabao dipped dapian. Since the middle and threat shot shot, CengCheng throws the ball. South Korea continue to strengthen the attack, and sent the attacker Huang Xican.


Sixty-eighth minutes, Zhang Linpeng instigated the right offensive, Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe continuously formed cleverly low ball to knock, Wu Xi restricted area before the shot was flying Quan Chuntai denied the bottom line. The Chinese team's fast break in the embodiment of the law on the basis of the threat of continuous improvement, Quan Chuntai is very nervous with the South Korean guard line confessed. Seventieth minutes, Zhang Xizhe outside shot hit a certain level, the ball slightly missed. After Yin Hongbo received a yellow card foul tackle from behind.


Feng Xiaoting continued to reflect the role of limiting Jin Xinyu, forward when the ball is also connected with the attack, was performed on a breakthrough in front. But the high ball threat is still in South Korea reflect, seventy-fifth minutes left to get rid of Nam Tae hee after the vacancy, Ji Dong won header was CengCheng to keep out. The Chinese team for the last substitution adjustment, Zhang Yuning replaced by Yu Dabao.


Eighty-first minutes, the South Korean team in the formation of a corner kick in the corner of the attack is very threatening, guarding the gate near the Wu Xi chest block the ball. To enter the closing phase, the South Korean team continued to pressure on the massive penetration, the Chinese team also actively control the use of the ball to make the South Korean team fouls.


Eighty-ninth minutes, Feng Xiaoting again steals the ball and the ball fell to the ground tissue formation, Yin Hongbo wing ball, Huang Xican some rough whirl kick in Yin Hongbo leg ball, Feng Xiaoting and Huang Xican also blamed the formation of confrontation, both players gather together to make the scene is very chaotic, Lippi very angry. The silence was not a yellow Xican.


Into the 4 minutes, the Chinese team in the field of fans cheering full defense, the attack Zhang Yuning and Yin Hongbo have formed a perimeter attack, Zhang Yuning also had access to single pole opportunity, but unfortunately failed to grasp. The final Chinese team 1-0 victory over South korea.


Next stop, the Chinese team will play in Iran! I wish our Chinese athletes can make persistent efforts, get better results! China refueling, the Chinese team will win!!!


March 28, 2017 (next Tuesday) evening 20:00, Chinese fans please look forward to it ~!