UEFA Champions League Manchester City VS Real Madrid


The April 27, 2016 02:45 is expected to debut: Manchester City: Hart, however, Sagna, Kompani, Krishna, Fernando, Phil Nandy Neo, de Blau Hei, Silva, Navas, Aguero; Real Madrid: Navas, Pepe, Ramos, Carvajal, Marcello, Modri, Casey Milo, Cross, Baer, Benzema, C Ronaldo

Youter western sports chupan: Real Madrid - 0-0.5 ball.

In the history of the three big cups in Europe, Real Madrid and Manchester City had only had a clash of the previous two times. 2012-2013 Champions League group stage, Real Madrid and Manchester City in the same group. The first round of Real Madrid home court 3-2 win over Manchester City, the road tied the game 1-1. The Spanish giants Real Madrid expensive for the 10 Champions League winners, the premier upstart Manchester City is the first time the semi-finals, two players, the game to attract the eye.

Manchester City recently so smooth, the weekend home court 4 ball swept Storck City, the team the last 7 games 5 wins, 2 unbeaten record, the Champions League quarter finals in Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City for the first time in history reached the Champions League semi-finals, the team's morale has been greatly improved, last summer high into the Belgian midfielder de Blau Hei. Return after the excellent state of the important contribution to the force team in the UEFA Champions League tie in the journey, better plus Stryn and Yaya Toure's injury, the field personnel neat situation, Manchester City have confidence against Real Madrid gates.

Since Zidane took office after Real Madrid's performance was getting better, last weekend in two ball backward under strong reversal is the highlight of the team Rayo, full of toughness, as the core of C Robben season in the Champions League is still on fire, has scored 16 goals, promising to create two years ago Europe broke League single season scoring record, plus the main center Benzema uneventfully, the game can be played in the Champions League, the experience is far less than the rich Manchester City Real Madrid, nature will not fight.

Recommended Real Madrid let flat half ball wins.