NBA tournament recommended – rocket VS Timberwolves

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March 19, 2016 08:00Rocket VS forest wolfThe two sides are expected to start:Rocket:Howard, Moti E Jonas, Ariza, Beverly, james;The forest wolf:Downes, Duhem, Wiggins, and Rubio lavin.

Youter western sports: rocket -8.5 ".

The ups and downs of Houston fully exposed in the past 2 games: 130-81 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in the first World War, the rocket will bear hit rate is limited to 29.7%; but a rocket 106-122 defeat to the clippers, the rocket is the Clippers cast a 56.6% hit rate. Two consecutive games, the opponent hit rate from 29.7% rise to 56.6%, 26.9% of the variation is the largest union in three years.

The Rockets play big loss to the Clippers after four straight wins in jazz also put within just 1 matches, West playoff in jeopardy. The Rockets' defense is still a big problem, and its defensive efficiency is the lowest in the west. On this issue, the team also held a meeting yesterday to discuss the situation, there should be a change of defense. But on the offensive, in addition to harden team finally stable scorers: Mike Beasley, joining the Rockets after he averaged 11.7 points, hit rate reached 51.8%, but 0.7 assists can still see he couldn't make his teammates involved in the offense to. Howard scored 13 points in the last two points together, the team's position is increasingly embarrassing.

The forest wolf, Carle Downes of the season performance is very stable in March, many times to 20+10; another champion Dwiggins has cut off the strength of 20 points, but the other team give help or too little. It is gratifying to note that this year as stunning performance, the last two are scored 28 points and three points hit rate as high as 55%. But the team is also very obvious shortcomings, the bench in the loss of Kevin - Martin and Andre - Miller no one can score, defense is only a little better than the rockets.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Rockets 8.5 wins recommended.