2016-2017 Serie A twenty-sixth round of recommended

2016-2017 意甲第26轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on February 26, 2017 at 01:00 a.m., the twenty-sixth round of Serie A will usher in a critical battle for the Champions League qualification. Naples in St Paul Stadium against Atlanta!

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 01:00 Naples Atlanta
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 03:45 Juventus Empoli
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 19:30 Palermo sampux
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 22:00 Verona Pescara
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 22:00 Kroto Hei Cagliari
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 22:00 Genoa Bologna
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 22:00 Lazio Udine J
2017\/2\/26 (Sunday) 22:00 Sassuolo AC Milan
2017\/2\/27 (Monday) 03:45 International Milan Rome
2017\/2\/28 (Tuesday) 03:45 Florence Turin


[event analysis]

1、Home teamNaples上周末联赛客场挑战Verona,球队全场压制对手,最终3:1取得完胜,豪取联赛三连胜,近14轮联赛保持不败且赢足10场,联赛中的势头十分强劲。

2, the team the last eight matches unbeaten home court and win foot seven games, fierce fighting. The Premier League third, averaging scored 2.4 goals to attack the most highest in Serie A.

3、Visiting teamAtlanta上周末联赛主场迎战Kroto Hei以1:0力克对手,豪取联赛三连胜,最近五场比赛不败且赢足四场,势头相当不俗。孔蒂连续两轮联赛取得进球,状态出色。

4, but the team has only recently won the top two games, the results are not stable, in the face of strong teams are flat or negative. The Premier League fifth, averaging only 1.04 goals in fourth less stable defense.