B – VS Entela Avellino recommended events

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December 23, 2015 Avelino VS 03:30 Entela team a strong attack force, a strong defensive team, who can score the last laugh, the king who gets? Please pay attention!

The game youter western sports: Avelino let 0.5 ball chupan.

B middle team dialogue, both sides are in good condition, Avelino strong attack force; dominant Entela confrontation. The strength of the two teams, the current league points only 3 points, while the last round of the fight against the league is also a draw in the end of the two round. Avelino's style is open, a lot of goal and goal, and Entelaze defensive attack started, relatively weak. The recent state, Avelino B 3 game winning streak, and Entela nearly 10 rounds only lost 1 games.

Avelino of the season standings 25 points behind fifteenth. 9 win 5 League home court battle field, winning percentage of 55.6%. Is the Serie B attack third teams, averaging 1.6 goals scored. The recent state of strong, the last round 1-0 defeat away teams Como, harvest 3 game winning streak, the overall strength is not strong opponent. Avelino has scored 8 goals in a row for the first time in a row, scoring a total of 1.6 goals. Avelino nearly 5 games to win the disk rate reached 60%, nearly 5 home games to win the disk rate is as high as 80%.

Entelaben season standings 28 points behind eighth. On the season, 2 games, Entelajun harvest draws, unbeaten rate is 100%. Entelaben league season 9 games lost only 4 games unbeaten rate reached 55.6%. Nearly 14 games lost only 1 games, the record of 6 wins 7 flat 1 negative, the team 4-1 victory in the last round of home court downstream of Vicenza. Scored 4 goals in the last round of attack recovery, after the first round of only scored 3 goals in the 5.