Flower princess


The brave knights and the lively dinosaurs fought for the love of the princess. Participate in the championship points that have the opportunity to win up to $Two0000 in cash prizes!

Rules and provisions:

1 activity begins withFebruary Two4, Two017 08:00:00 (Beijing time)As ofFebruary Two8, Two017 07:Five9:Five9 (Beijing time). This activity is suitable for W88 youter vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, dollars, Renminbi, ringgit, and yen won registered members.
Two members in the club [] Princess Jinzun flowers used in the game of real money games (mobile phone version and the web version can be).
3 in any single profit line following the same 3 symbols will obtain the corresponding tournament score:

3X handsome Knight (blue) Fifteen
3X strong Knight (yellow) Ten
3X funny Knight (green) Five

4 in order to get a valid Championship score, you need to use the real money in the [flower princess] game rotation, each rotation of the minimum amount of money in different countries as follows:

Dollar 0.Five
myr Two
RMB Five
The Thai Baht Two0
Yen Five0
South Korean won Five00
Indonesian rupee Five,000
Viet-namese Dong Ten,000

7 bonuses distributed in 3 working days after the end of the discount to your wallet only 1 youter center, times of water withdrawals. We will notify you by mail or telephone.
8 youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, W88 youter has the right at any time to all or a member to cancel this offer.
9 youter W88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.

First place RMB Five,600
第Two名 RMB 3,Two00
Third place RMB Two,600
Fourth place RMB 1,Two00
第Five-Ten名 RMB 600
第11-Five0名 RMB Ten0