Alipay to sweep the two-dimensional code immediately to the account


Alipay mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, seconds seconds to save ~ free deposit, simple operation, easy to experience, try it immediately!

First step:

Log in, clickDeposit]. Choice[Alipay], input[deposit amount], clickDeposit]. As follows: (single deposit limit of 1000 yuan)


Second step:

Page will automatically pop[toll card]. You do not need to enter the card number, password and verification code, click directly belowI want to purchase []. Following figure:


Third step:

Select the following page[Alipay], clickConfirm purchase即可. Following figure:


Fourth step:

The use of mobile phone in AlipaySweep []功能,扫描获取的支付二维码, clickConfirmation transfer即可. Following figure:


Fifth step:

Enter the six digit payment password[payment success]. Money is indeed seconds to Oh ~ as follows:


If you have any questions during the deposit operation, please contact us 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!