NBA event recommended daily – Stag VS Warrior

NBA赛事每日推荐-Bucks VS Warriors -优德W88官网

In December 13th 09:30,Bucks VS Warriors, the two sides are expected to start:Warriors:Curry, Clark, rush, Green, boggarts.The Bucks:Meo, Middleton, Parke, Monroe, adetokunbo. Small series for you to bring forward prediction!

The game is recommended to allow the warriors 9.5 points.

The Bucks home court against defending champion warriors, the two teams are fighting back to back so physical reasons can be ruled out, there is no doubt on the strength the warriors dominate, despite the lack of Thompson and Barnes, they still survive, after the two overtime Xian Shengkai Celtic team in Boston. In contrast, although the Bucks Jia Barry Parke Kidd made a strong comeback, the old depth adjustment in tactics, but the effect is not good, the reaction between the team and the chemical is not ideal, the position is also a great conflict, old Kidd repeatedly Bianzhen or wasted, the current team in the East thirteenth.

The poor performance this season, it is difficult to compare with last season, 12 days on the road to the Raptors, in the last 8 games, averaging 89.1 points this season, the defense level decreased rapidly, but the independent scoring ability is very general, want to have the opportunity to win, they will try to slow down the rhythm of the warriors. The Bucks play 95.29 rounds every 48 minutes, which is less than the league's second. Offensive and defensive ends at the end of the discipline is very poor, the player offensive talent outstanding, but play a lot of ups and downs, especially outside the projection ability. If they want to win over the warriors, they need to do better in the attack.

The warriors do not have to say more this season, as the defending champion strength is no doubt that this is the last game in the eastern part of the road trip. In Boston, Curitiba, Green played 47 minutes, 50 minutes, 44 minutes of Iguodala, this is a test of their physical fitness. The warrior, absolutely no lack of power to Milwaukee. If they win, it will be their twenty-ninth straight game in the regular season and they are getting closer and closer to the Lakers' winning streak. In addition, they will also become the first in history, at least 7 consecutive road trip in the successful sweep of the team. The opponent bucks to be honest, it is difficult to constitute a threat to the brave enough. Warriors now win or not, and the strength of the opponent's strength is not much relationship, the team as long as the normal play, play team basketball, losing has become an impossible task".