How to identify the authenticity of youter W88?


Recently, some criminals fake youter W88 official website, beware of phishing sites, secure Internet access, Xiaobian teach you a glimpse of authenticity.In addition, all the way of payment through the official website and deposit! Do not deposit through other means, so as not to be deceived, resulting in your loss!

Official website: I suggest you use a more smooth network backup

  • HTTPS\/\/\/;
  • HTTPS\/\/\/;
  • HTTPS\/\/\/;

Mainstream deposit process information network links: Click to view

The new payment deposit - Card

Alipay transfer

WeChat payment

The existing site youter some fake w88, a lot of personal information such as fake phishing sites will get users, such as bank accounts and information disclosure of user information through extortion, personal profit, a serious harm to you. For you to fully resolve the fake website, and if the correct identification of youter W88 official website.

Website security


You use any browser to open youter w88 official website, can see us in the place.SSL encryptionLogo, to ensure the safety of your use, but also to identify the authenticity of your site based.

Step 1:Single click【SSL encryption】Lock the lock labeled green green锁Figure, click[link],Single click[certificate information]Wait for a pop up window.


Step 2:弹出窗口如下图,Single click[details], sliding strip selection[Subject]At this point, you can see the certificate in the following web site.


Fake website:The link has no secure encryption and no certificate information.

[certificate information]The company is the formal license to use, youter official website home page lower right corner [W88] about youter Click to view the license information.

博彩执照-w88优德官网优德W88官网:The picture is clear, with eight national markets, a variety of entertainment products, large Asian entertainment flagship brand. Official website nameYouter [].


Fake website:页面制作粗糙,画面不清晰,字体模糊.

Menu item



Fake website:页面字体模糊,不具备网站导向功能.

官网页面下端链接,均可跳转,如下图右侧为平台、执照、第三方公正监管等链接,均可完成页面跳转查询,Fake website均无此功能.